Local Collaborations

Skygazer Brewing Co.

36 Triano Dr., Southington, CT, 06489

Instagram: @skygazer_brewingco

Facebook: @skygazerbrewingco

Web-site: skygazerbrewingco.com

Dark Matter: 6.2%ABV - Coffee Maple Milk-Stout

This beer explodes with Sumatra coffee aroma; immediate cold-brew, espresso, mocha, and dark chocolate on the nose. The flavor is a walloping, palate-coating burst of sweet maple syrup, milk chocolate, smooth roast, cold brew, and creamy liquor.

Black Abyss: 7%ABV - Coffee Milk-Stout

This beer is brewed with cocoa, vanilla, and milk sugar alongside a carefully selected grain bill of specialty, dark malts to provide a resonant roast character without undesired harshness/acidity. It is dosed with Indonesian(Sulawesi Toraja) beans so the nose is a blanket of intoxicating coffee shop aromatics, as when walking into your favorite roaster and tastes of bakers chocolate, mocha, cacao, and milk chocolate all blend seamlessly into a cold-brew coffee flavor with hints of dark chocolate, earth, and faint berry espresso.

NOTE: Brewed with a large quantity of fresh, potent, ground coffee beans and thus, each can contains a notable serving of caffeine.

New Brew! - Coming Spring 2020

Check back soon for more details on our newest collab with Skygazer.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee

Shhh...this project is still in development with a local CT distillery...check back soon!

Roastery & Café

Our dream...a roastery in the lower Naugatuck River Valley where you can come see how we work, smell freshly roasted beans, taste rare coffees from around the World, and munch on small treats from the regions of the coffee farms we hope to call our partners...stay tuned!

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